Secga Theatre Company - The Towers Theatre, Tettenhall College, Wolverhampton WV6 8QX
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 Our next production is

by Anthony Stamp
19th to 21st October 2017

Doctor Trent is delighted to have been
appointed GP at a small practice in a 
remote English rural district in the 1920s.
The locals are steeped in superstition, but the young doctor believes this to be only
expected in an area barely touched by
the twentieth century.
Until he too begins 
to sense something 
unnatural in the atmosphere.
Who is the young lady who frequently 
waits outside the practice but never enters?
Why does he sense the presence of a
patient he can never see?
And what is the grey mist that the locals
speak of in hushed tones?

The Grey Mist is a ghost story especially
commissioned by Secga Theatre Company
for performance at the haunted
Towers Theatre at Tettenhall College
as Halloween approaches.
Dare you experience the chilling terror?

We are always on the  look-out for 
people to act in and assist 
with backstage jobs for our forthcoming productions. Opportunities exist to assist with
lighting, sound and set construction.
If you think you could help and
would like to be involved
please contact us here for further details.
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